5G NR Automation Test Tool

IQfact5G, is a turnkey, high volume manufacturing automation test tool designed for chipset-specific testing of 5G NR mmWave and Sub-6GHz capable devices.

IQfact5G ensures quality device characterization and facilitates easy customization of test flow, thus significantly reducing engineering effort.


    Turnkey 5G Wireless Test Automation Tool

    • Built to reduce engineering development cycle by facilitating easy customization of test flow from a predefined library of test cases
    • Manufacturing optimized with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
    • Command line tool allows smooth & seamless integration into existing test program framework
    • Built-in data logging with support for human readable text file as well as CSV format for data analysis
    • Supports easy plug-in of IQramp data analysis tool, which enables simple and interactive graphical data analysis

    5G NR mmWave & Sub-6 GHz Device Calibration & Verification

    • Supports calibration and verification of transmitter and receiver characteristics of 5G NR devices
    • Offering One Test Flow for All approach – Single test flow can support Tx and Rx verification across multiple beam IDs, bands, channels and polarizations
    • Includes DUT control – established by developing upon features delivered by chipset automation tools
    • Facilitates custom chamber and switch control
    • Supports Automatic Cable Loss Calibration

    Optimized for 5G Device Manufacturing

    • Offers ~70% reduction in single DUT test time when compared to a standard chipset automation tool
    • Highly optimized for Multi-DUT operation, generating ~3.5x higher production throughput over single DUT testing
    • Leverages Asynchronous Parallel Test (APT) capabilities of the LitePoint test platform to improve multi-DUT efficiencies

    Technologies Supported

    • 5G

    Test Platform Supported

    • IQgig-5G
    • IQxstream-5G

    Lite Point