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LitePoint is a world leader in wireless test solutions.

Collaborating with all major wireless chip companies, LitePoint offers the fastest time to production, the lowest cost of test, and the best test coverage available today for the world’s largest OEMs & ODMs and Brand Owners. 

With commoditization shrinking product life cycles, LitePoint’s first-to-market solutions for WLAN including MIMO plus Bluetooth and WiMAX support faster test, lower cost, and increased quality for chipset designers, OEMs & ODMs and brand companies.

Artiza Networks

Artiza Networks is the leader in 3G/LTE radio access network (RAN) testing. Artiza has been collaborating in RAN nodes/core network nodes testing with major operators and venders in most advanced market in the industry for more than 10 years. Artiza's tester products have been dominating the Japan market by high density load testers. We are proud to provide world class product line in UMTS, since the beginning of 3G developments. We co-operated with vender for 1st Super3G (LTE) experimental trial for major operator in Japan. With our powerful engineering resources covering from PCB, FPGA/DSP in wired and baseband, firmware, application software engineers, we have the full capability for in-house scratch development and providing professional services with technology trained sales forces. Artiza has filed in Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2001. Since Artiza was established, we have been profitable except few years with stable balance sheet.


TP-Link Chooses LitePoint for 802.11ac Networking Product Development


LitePoint Technology Enables Rapid Launch of “5G” WiFi Products


Blowing Sand test service approval by the IDF


AT4 wireless announces its recent recognition as a CB Testing Laboratory to carry out testing within the IECEE CB Scheme in photovoltaic modules


NFC Forum’s 10th Plugfest, taking place from 21st to 25th May 2012


AT4 wireless to show TD-LTE and UMTS signalling capabilities in its E2010 Broadband Wireless Test Set


AT4 Wireless


AT4 Wireless is a company which aims to offer its clients solutions and technologies to ensure that their products and services are safe, compliant and more efficient in the following areas: (Measurements and Testing) (Engineering and Technical Assistance) (Applications and Systems)

RF Enclosure & RF Accessories

Provide a RF isolated test environment for Bluetooth, WLAN, WiMAX products, and GSM/ DCS/ GPRS Mobile phones.

RF Coaxial Connectors, RF Adapters, Cable Assembly, Fixed/Programmable Attenuator, Terminators and Power Splitters/Combiners.

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