IQgig-5G mmWave 5G Tester

Fully Integrated 5G NR FR2 mmWave Test System

IQgig-5G is a fully integrated, versatile multiband mmWave non-signaling test solution, first of its kind to support all 5G FR2 frequencies within a 23-45GHz range.

Its one-box design makes it simple to set up, use, maintain and trust that you will make reliable measurements when characterizing or manufacturing your 5G devices.


    Fully Integrated 5G FR2 Millimeter Wave Test System

    • All signal generation, analysis, processing, and RF front-end switching is self-contained inside a single chassis
    • Calibrated RF ports enable direct connection for simple text fixture setups
    • Lab grade performance in compact 2U form factor
    • Support for wider frequency range with over 1.7GHz of instantaneous bandwidth
    • On-the-fly, software controlled frequency switching within 23-45GHz range
    • Optional over-the-air (OTA) test chamber for testing beamforming verification and characterization of DUT mmWave antennas

    Ideal for Beamforming Characterization, Beamforming Verification, RF calibration and Antenna Measurements

    • All-in-one support for RF Calibration, Antenna measurements, Beam forming characterization and Beam verification
    • Intuitive GUI enables easy setup, custom test flow and optimization
    • Advanced software application supports leading-edge functions – chamber calibration & control, data collection, analysis and antenna pattern measurements
    • Multiple bi-directional source and measurement ports, enable multi DUT testing and simultaneous verification of transmit and receive paths
    • Support for horizontal and vertical antenna polarization using single test setup

    Turnkey Solution for Lab and Multi DUT Testing in Manufacturing Environment

    • Versatile test solution spanning R&D, DVT and manufacturing test environment
    • Calibration and verification software IQfact5G enables extensive and faster data logging and analysis
    • Flexible software architecture allows for integration and correlation of measurements results from lab to factory floor
    • One-box robustness enables a reliable manufacturing solution with minimal maintenance

    5G Technology Options

    • 5G 3GPP NR (Release 15)
    • 5G Small Cell
    • V5GTF (pre-5G)

    Spanning R&D, DVT and Manufacturing Test Environment

    • R&D lab, DVT, Sampling, Production test environments
    • From chipsets to modules, final product characterization or manufacturing lifecycle stages
    • For 5G-enabled mmWave mobile or infrastructure devices

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