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  EVANS Test Engineering Ltd 

"Since Intertek Testing Services has purchased the PSTN21 Test System in early 1999 it has been a very powerful and essential piece of test equipment for us.  It has enabled us to perform testing to standards that are very complex and the PSTN21 test system has made it very easy to get accurate & reliable measurements for these standards.

The support from EVANS has always been top notch and the response time has always been extremely quick & very professional.  This is crucial in our type of business as it allows us to provide excellent service to our customers." Nov, 2002

Intertek Testing Services, USA

"Your support has been extraordinary from day one.  The training we received was very beneficial:  we were able to begin our testing the day after training.  When issues arose as we started using the PSTN21 you addressed & resolved them immediately.  We are extremely happy with the service you have provided us. From answering basic questions to changing test suites you have been extremely helpful.

We purchased a number of test suites with the PSTN21.  The quality of these test suites is excellent.  Over time we have been able to create some of our own test suites but we would not have been able to get up and running immediately without using the test suites we originally purchased.

Since June we have done testing on 20 different products to 7 different standards.  We have been able to supply our test labs with supporting documentation that has helped speed not only the approval process but also overall time to market.

With the PSTN21 in house we have been able to increase our overall test quality & product reliability.  The PSTN21 is very adaptable to whatever kind of testing is needed.  We are now able to use the PSTN21 to quickly test our products whether it be a new product printed circuit board component or pre-compliance regulatory testing.  The PSTN21 gives consistent results with full test report capabilities.

The PSTN21 has exceeded our expectations.  The system has fully met its original purpose and it has even opened up different possibilities for testing our products." Nov 2002 

MultiTech Systems Inc

"We have always found Genesys to be a quality led organization with a team of highly experienced and very helpful professionals dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction."

The Document Company, Xerox

"Genesys has provided testing and consultancy support to Panasonic on an ongoing basis for the past few years.  They have mainly been contracted for design verification and formal compliance testing of modem products to International standards and in-house specifications.  They have also offered general help and advice with all matters relating to modem implementation into our products.

The support from Genesys has been of the best standard and the service is excellent backed by a high level of professionalism."

Mr Ishibashi, Director, Panasonic

Litepoint Corporation


CSR Logo


“We were impressed with the speed and results that LitePoint demonstrated in a short amount of time to deliver this industry leading Bluetooth test capability, which will enable the rapid adoption of new, higher
performing Bluetooth applications.”

Simon Finch
Vice President, Strategic Marketing
CSR plc

“We deployed IQview and IQflex because it is the only solution that satisfies our requirements for cost-effective parametric manufacturing test. We have significantly improved EVM test quality while reducing
test costs." 

Jorson Tsai
Vice President
Gemtek Technology


"LitePoint IQview in the lab and LitePoint IQflex on the manufacturing line meet our needs for transparency of test results throughout the product development lifecycle. Being able to ensure a high level of product
quality as well as consistent and reliable test results is key when qualifying and working with ODMs and ensures our customers continue to receive high quality products."

Patrick Rada
Sr. Principal Wireless Engineer

VeriWave, Inc.


"With VeriWave's WiMix and its ability to generate a wide variety of real-world business, government and municipal traffic mixes, Cisco can take its solution validation process to the next level.", says Ben Gibson, Director of Mobility Solutions at Cisco. "This unique approach of simulating real-world network behavior in a single, integrated test system helps Cisco drive true, solution-level value to our wireless customers."


VeriWave’s WaveTest™ 90 offers ZyXEL the complex traffic and usage conditions needed to test solutions optimized for the rigorous requirements of service providers and businesses. These include extensive client mobility, security, varying traffic volumes, and triple-play services with guaranteed Quality of Service delivery.


“We scoured the market for test equipment that could best validate the performance of our equipment, in the wide variety of applications and found VeriWave to be among the most sophisticated.", says Keerti Melkote, co-founder and vice president of product management for Aruba Networks. "Consequently, we chose the VeriWave WaveTest as it is the only test tool on the market today which can validate performance of such complex protocols as VoIP.”

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