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Testing Multi-Radio Mobile Devices

LitePoint’s IQxstream Mobile Tester

Testing Multi-Radio Mobile Devices


As a category within the cellular phone market, smartphones are the fastest growing by far. These devices, now, typically feature 3G cellular radios plus several other wireless connectivity radios and standards. The next wave of smartphones, netbooks, and mobile Internet devices will feature 4G wireless broadband radios and standards, such as LTE.


Compared with 2G and 3G radios and standards, 4G represents a significant departure. While the former were primarily aimed at voice communications optimization, the latter are aimed at broadband data services that include but are not dominated by voice data. These 4G technologies take advantage of advanced modulation techniques to support long distances at high throughput. Users will be able to access the Internet and efficiently download data-intensive services including streaming video – all while on the go.


With LitePoint’s IQxstreamTM mobile test system you will have all the capability you need to fully test many 3G and even 4G cellular radios and standards. Moreover, the system is designed to reduce per-device test time and cost because of its unique parallelism architecture. A 100 MHz capture capability means that it can test adjacent channel leakage ratios (ACLR) in one, five-channel capture. Test analysis, which is typically done sequentially, is actually done in parallel, here, using multi-core processing. And, finally, the one box is designed to test up to four devices in near parallel fashion. This “parallelism cubedTM” or “P3” design can significantly reduce per-device test time and costs.


LTE devices, by design, will use 1X2 and 2X2 MIMO technology for greater range and speed. That means, you’ll have to thoroughly test these MIMO capabilities. IQxstream is designed to test four devices, in near parallel, including those containing up to two transmitters and receivers. So, with IQxstream, you’re “MIMO ready.”


Features Benefits
One system can test nine 2G, 3G and 4G standards: GSM, EDGE, CDMA One,W-CDMA, HSPA, HSPA+, CDMA-2000 EV-DO, and LTE Lowers test-system costs
Tests up to four devices in near parallel fashion Lowers overall test time
Does test analysis in parallel using multi-core processing Lowers individual test time
100 MHz capture bandwidth for multi-channel capture Lowers individual test time
MIMO-ready testing Tests up to four devices using 1X2 and 2X2 MIMO technology

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