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Hermon Laboratories TI LTD

Hermon Laboratories is a leading provider of automatic telecom testing instruments according to world-wide regulatory & industry standards for analog FXS & FXO, Acoustic, Cellular, VoIP, xDSL, T1/E1, and ISDN PRI equipment.


Since 2002 Hermon Laboratories' market-proven testing products and solutions enable telecom manufacturers, test labs and service providers across the world to complete compliance testing and documentation required by standards and regulatory bodies in a matter of hours.


Featuring an innovative Lab-in-a-box concept Hermon Laboratories' products are not just test instruments - they are a highly integrated solution that provides the necessary tools and features for performing and supporting test lab tasks.


TCA 8200 Telecom Conformance Analyzer


Analog FXS & FXO, Acoustic, Cellular, VoIP, xDSL, T1/E1 and ISDN PRI Conformance Testing Solution


The TCA 8200 is an all-in-one conformance testing solution, according to worldwide regulatory & industry standards, for many types of telecom equipment ranging from phones to digital switches, PBXs and VoIP gateways.

Featuring built-in automatic tests according to the standards, the TCA 8200 replaces over 20 test instruments and provides a unique 'lab-in-a-box' solution that significantly reduces test times and costs.



  • Compliance testing according to major world standards
  • Fully automated testing & documentation
  • Built-in standards and general-purpose tests
  • Supports signaling and remote EUT control
  • User defined tests, test suites, and projects
  • Manual operation for development and debugging testing
  • Comprehensive online help
  • Powerful management, display and analysis features
  • Substitutes over 20 test instruments
  • Modular design - tailored to your needs

TCA 4100 Telecom Conformance Analyzer

Test What You Hear

Acoustics and voice quality conformance testing for cellular, digital and analog phones


TCA 4100 is an automated & affordable voice quality & acoustics conformance test solution. A wide range of handset and hands- free phones such as VoIP, DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, analog, telephones, audio devices and hearing aids are supported.


Designed for R&D, test labs and high-speed production testing, the powerful management and automation features of the TCA 4100 greatly simplify & shorten the testing cycle.



  • Fully automated testing & documentation
  • Compliance testing according to major standards
  • Built-in standards and general-purpose tests
  • User defined tests, test suites, and projects
  • Fast and accurate automated testing
  • Supports signaling and remote EUT control
  • Fully integrated system with optional: (Acoustic test head or HATS) ( Cellular, WiFi, DECT, Bluetooth interfaces
SIP Conformance Analyzer

SIP Conformance Analyzer is an advanced testing solution for SIP enabled products widely used in today's VoIP and 3G networks. Comprehensive tests, protocol simulation and analysis tools verify SIP compliance according to ETSI TS 102 027 / RFC 3261 ensuring high probability of interoperability.


Offering a full suite of over 600 test cases, the SIP Conformance Analyzer is an automatic conformance testing solution that significantly reduces testing time and facilitates problem identification & solution and improves time-to-market.


This solution is available as a SIP conformance analyzer stand-alone software product or as an option provided in the TCA8200 Conformance Analyzer or TCA 4100 Telephony Conformance Analyzer.



  • Fully automated testing of SIP protocol (RFC 3261) according to ETSI TS 102-027
  • TTCN-3 suites for User Agent, Proxy, Redirect server, Registrar
  • Tests for valid, invalid and inopportune SIP protocol behavior and syntax variations
  • User-friendly test parameter (PICS/PIXIT values) setting
  • User-configurable tests suites
  • On-line and off-line analysis
  • Real time display of protocol traces and test results
  • Logging of trace and results to file
  • Automatic test reports in text and MS Word format
  • Powerful management features

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