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Compliance West

Originally founded as a product safety consulting firm in 1983, Compliance West has been manufacturing Hipot and ground continuity test equipment and other manufacturing related products since 1992. This was a direct result of the customer's satisfaction. Customers satisfied with the level of expertise and professionalism of Compliance West's consulting service, continually asked if Compliance West could provide a complete solution for their product safety requirements. Soon it became evident that Compliance West not only offered superior service, but it began to develop a superior line of test equipment as well.

Hipot Testers


From the HT-2000P to the HT-10kVac/dc, we have you covered. Hipot testing is the de facto standard for production line tests for UL, CSA, TUV and other safety agencies worldwide. Our production line testers incorporate an automatic, defeatable ground continuity check and automatic leakage and arc detection into a small, easy to use and reliable package. Our research testers output voltages to 15kV dc and incorporate defeatable leakage and arc detection.


Ground Bond Testers



Our GF Series output high current at low voltage to check the integrity of the product's grounding system. Our automatic testers were designed with the production requirements of VDE, TUV, Nemko and other European Safety Agencies in mind. They flash red or green indicators for ground resistances over and under 0.1 ohms, and output from 10 to 40 amps. We also offer metered testers with outputs to 200A.


Hipot/Ground Bond Function Testers



Our Hipot/Ground Function checker is designed to ensure proper operation of your hipot and ground bond production line equipment on a shift-by-shift basis. This simple functional test can be completed by production line test personnel in less than a minute.


Large Digi LEDs



The 4" high by four digits wide numerical LED displays are powered by 120V and are designed for wall mounting, or mounting anywhere using our optional bail mount. Available in RED and BLUE readouts, our displays can read from a Type J, K or T thermocouple, or from a 4-20mA loop. For maximum accuracy, our 4-20mA loop displays are fully adjustable for span and starting point, and can be ordered with ranges of 2000, 3000 and 6000 counts. They are packaged in a heavy steel enclosure for durability.

MegaPulse Surge Testers



Our economical surge testers are perfect for manufacturers who wish to conduct surge tests at their factories before testing their products in expensive laboratories. In some cases, the purchase price of our equipment rivals the real cost of a single days' laboratory testing. In addition, design personnel do not have to spend days away from work babysitting a product test only to bring it home for redesign. Our MegaPulse testers are guaranteed to output the waveform required in accordance with published tolerances and offer computer control. We offer a large range of Medical Industry surge testers, many EN 61000-4-5 testers, GR-1089 testers, and other specific testers. We also can custom design surge testers to specific requirements.

PT-600 Telephone Cross Testers



Built to the requirements of GR-1089 and UL 1950, the PT-600 is the only production tester of its kind. Custom configurations from the most basic UL 1950 single channel tester to a fully optioned GR-1089 package, with ITU-T Rise of Resistance are available. We have examples of this tester which have been operational for years at full duty cycle use. A reliable and fairly priced tester for your 600V test needs.

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